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Code PageDescription
00037EBCDIC USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal
00264EBCDIC Print Train and Text Processing
00273EBCDIC Austria, Germany
00274EBCDIC Belgium
00275EBCDIC Brazil
00277EBCDIC Denmark, Norway
00278EBCDIC Finland, Sweden
00280EBCDIC Italy
00281EBCDIC Japanese English
00284EBCDIC Spanish
00285EBCDIC United Kingdom
00290EBCDIC Japanese Katakana
00297EBCDIC France
003103270 APL Graphic Escape
00351GDDM Default (USA)
00420EBCDIC Arabic
00423EBCDIC Greek
00424EBCDIC Hebrew
00437DOS USA
00500EBCDIC Latin-1
00720MS-DOS Arabic
00737DOS Greek
00775DOS Baltic
00803EBCDIC Hebrew (old)
00813See ISO-8859-7
00819See ISO-8859-1
00838EBCDIC Thai
00850DOS Latin-1
00852DOS Latin-2
00855DOS Cyrillic
00856DOS Hebrew
00857DOS Turkish
00858DOS Latin-1 + Euro
00860DOS Portuguese
00861DOS Icelandic
00862DOS Israel
00863DOS French Canadian
00864DOS Arabic
00865DOS Nordic
00866DOS Russian
00869DOS Greek
00870EBCDIC Latin-2
00871EBCDIC Iceland
00874See ISO-8859-11
00875EBCDIC Greek
00878KOI8-R Russian
00880EBCDIC Cyrillic
00912See ISO-8859-2
00913See ISO-8859-3
00914See ISO-8859-4
00915See ISO-8859-5
00916See ISO-8859-8
00919See ISO-8859-10
00920See ISO-8859-9
00921See ISO-8859-13
00923See ISO-8859-15
00924EBCDIC Latin-9
01005EBCDIC Isomophic Text Communication
01006DOS Urdu
01025EBCDIC Russian
01026EBCDIC Turkey
01027EBCDIC Japanese (Latin) Extended
01030EBCDIC Japanese (Katakana) Extended
01031EBCDIC Japanese (Latin) Extended
01047EBCDIC Latin-1
01089See ISO-8859-6
01122EBCDIC Estonia
01123EBCDIC Ukraine
01130EBCDIC Vietnamese
01139ASCII Japanese Alphanumeric Katakana
01140EBCDIC USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands
01141EBCDIC Austria, Germany
01142EBCDIC Denmark, Norway
01143EBCDIC Finland, Sweden
01144EBCDIC Italy
01145EBCDIC Spanish
01146EBCDIC United Kingdom
01147EBCDIC France
01148EBCDIC Latin-1
01149EBCDIC Iceland
01153EBCDIC Latin-2
01154EBCDIC Cyrillic
01155EBCDIC Turkey
01156EBCDIC Baltic
01157EBCDIC Estonia
01158EBCDIC Ukraine
01160EBCDIC Thai
01164EBCDIC Vietnamese
01165EBCDIC Latin-2
01250Windows Latin-2
01251Windows Cyrillic
01252Windows Latin-1
01253Windows Greek
01254Windows Latin-5 Turkish
01255Windows Hebrew
01256Windows Arabic
01257Windows Baltic
01258Windows Vietnamese
01392GB-18030 Chinese Standard UTF
ISO-8859-1ISO Latin-1 Western European
ISO-8859-2ISO Latin-2 Eastern European
ISO-8859-3ISO Latin-3 Southern European
ISO-8859-4ISO Latin-4 Northern European
ISO-8859-5ISO Cyrillic
ISO-8859-6ISO Arabic
ISO-8859-7ISO Greek
ISO-8859-8ISO Hebrew
ISO-8859-9ISO Latin-5 Turkish
ISO-8859-10ISO Latin-6 Nordic
ISO-8859-11ISO Thai
ISO-8859-13ISO Latin-7 Baltic
ISO-8859-14ISO Latin-8 Celtic
ISO-8859-15ISO Latin-9
ISO-8859-16ISO Latin-10 Romanian

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