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Tachyon z/Assembler Enhancements

February 7, 2004:
Tachyon Software is pleased to announce the availablity of version 2.3 of the Tachyon z/Assembler.

Release of version 2.3 of the Tachyon z/Assembler has the following new features:

  • The CODEPAGE option allows both the EBCDIC and ASCII code pages to be specified. The CODEPAGE option can be used to define the translation between ASCII, EBCDIC and UNICODE and completely replaces the older TRTAB option. Use of the CODEPAGE option allows the EBCDIC X'5B', X'7B' and X'7C' national characters to be assigned to ASCII characters other than '$', '#' and '@'.

  • The SETAF and SETCF assembler instructions are supported. External functions are supported by the MVS version of the assembler.

  • With the FLAG(NOHLASM) option in effect, the limit on the length of SETC values is raised from 255 to 100000.

If you don’t yet have a copy of the Tachyon z/Assembler, you can download a demonstration copy and try it for yourself. If you are already licensed for any Tachyon Software product, download the updates today!

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