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What’s a Tachyon?

Yes, Tachyon is a real word. Tachyon is the name for anything that moves faster than the speed of light. Did you think that it is impossible for things to go faster than the speed of light? Well, some theories in physics divide particles into three groups: those that can’t go faster than the speed of light (tardyons), those that only go the speed of light (luxons), and those that can’t go slower than the speed of light (tachyons).

Anyway, just because there is a name for something, doesn’t mean that it exists. Tachyons (if they existed) could result in severe cause-and-effect problems for the universe. Since these effects have not been detected, most physicists don’t believe tachyons exist. However, tachyons are integral to a lot of science fiction, so in a sense, they do exist. To learn more about the physics of tachyons, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the sci.physics USENET newsgroup. To learn how to destroy the universe using tachyons, watch the final television episode of STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION.

To Tachyon Software, the word tachyon means going beyond normal limits. “Our continuous objective is to break productivity barriers for software developers through innovative and quality products.”

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