IBM OS/360 MVT 21.8 Macro Libraries

About the Macro Libraries

The following macro libraries are from IBM’s OS/360 MVT 21.8. This operating system was given away for free to help IBM sell their hardware. Because the operating system was free, there is no license restriction on the distribution and use of these macro libraries.

Even though OS/360 MVT 21.8 is around 30 years old, most of the application programming interfaces are still supported by the current releases of OS/390. As a result, the macros in these libraries can be very useful for OS/390 application development.

The macro libraries listed below were obtained from the CBT Repository maintained by Sam Golob. You can download these same macro libraries as zip files, each containing a TSO XMIT copy of a library. The macro libraries listed below were extracted using the Tachyon Un-Xmit program of the Tachyon File Tools product and then archived into ZIP files.

Using the Macro Libraries

The macros contained in the ZIP files listed below have been stripped of columns 73-80 of each record, tab compressed and have only a single line feed as the record terminator. The file names of the macros are simply the original PDS member names. This minimizes the space required to store the macro libraries.

The Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler and Tachyon z/Assembler can read the macros in these ZIP files directly. Once you download the ZIP files, you will need to add them to the assembler’s Library Search Path, which is similar in concept to the mainframe’s SYSLIB data sets. You can add the macro libraries using the SYSLIB assembler option.

In the following example <directory> should be replaced by the name of the directory into which you downloaded the ZIP file:


OS/360 MVT 21.8 Macro Libraries

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