About Tachyon Re-Xmit

Tachyon Re-Xmit creates TSO/E TRANSMIT format files from files on your workstation. These TRANSMIT files can be uploaded to the mainframe and then unloaded using the TSO/E RECEIVE command. This allows you to upload files to the mainframe which are not normally supported by file tranfer tools, such as PDSs and files containing variable length and undefined format records. When Tachyon Re-Xmit creates a TRANSMIT file from files created by the Tachyon Linkage Editor, it will create a load library image.

Since there is no standard for workstation files with variable-length and undefined record formats, most file transfer tools have no way of transferring data to or from MVS sequential data sets and PDSs containing these record types. Also, most file transfer tools handle transfer of PDS members by transferring each member individually instead of transferring the entire PDS at once. Tachyon Re-Xmit can generate TSO TRANSMIT files for MVS sequential and partitioned data sets in any record format from equivalent Tachyon Operating System formatted files or ASCII text files. By creating a TSO TRANSMIT format file, Tachyon Re-Xmit allows you to transfer data to MVS sequential or partitioned data sets in the format that you need in a single transfer.

Further, since MVS load library members have critial data in their directory entries and workstation files have no equivalent concept, it is not normally possible to transfer MVS load libraries and their members. Because the Tachyon Linkage Editor can create all of the information needed by Tachyon Re-Xmit to build a load library image, it is now possible to link MVS load modules on the workstation and then copy them to the mainframe.

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