The COMMNDxx.ini file contains debugger commands used to customize the Tachyon Instruction Emulator’s debugging session. The COMMNDxx.ini files are read by the debugger just before it displays the first command prompt for each job step. COMMNDxx.ini files are processed as if call commands for each file had been issued. COMMNDxx.ini files are good places to define function keys and command aliases that you will want each time you use the debugger.

The suffixes for the COMMNDxx.ini files are specified in the CMD parameter of the IEASYSxx.ini file. The default COMMNDxx.ini file is provided with the Tachyon Operating System. If you need to change COMMND00.ini, you should copy it to another name and change the IEASYSxx.ini CMD parameter to reference the new version so that you do not lose your changes if you install a new release of the Tachyon Operating System.

Example COMMNDxx.ini file:

rem  Sample COMMNDxx.ini file
set key f1 "help"
set alias 1 go "set psw address ==1;run"

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