The IEASYMxx.ini file contains the values for symbolic parameters. These symbolic parameters may be used in the values of other parameters. The suffixes for the IEASYMxx.ini files are specified in the IEASYM parameter of the LOADxx.ini file.

Each IEASYMxx.ini file may contain multiple statements and comments. A comment is allowed whenever a blank is allowed. Comments start with /* and end with */. Comments may not be nested.

Each statement must start on a separate line from previous statements. Each statement has a type and may be followed by up to 100 parameters. All of the statements in IEASYMxx.ini files must be SYSDEF statements. More than one parameter may be specified on each line of the statement. Parameters may be continued on to a new line by coding the parameter up to column 72 and continuing in column 1 of the next line. Each parameter value must be enclosed in parentheses which must immediately follow the parameter name. The SYSDEF statement parameters are:

Each SYMDEF parameter defines and sets the values of customer-defined static symbols. The value of each SYMDEF parameter must be a symbol definition in the format &name='value', where name is a 1 to 8 character symbol name that is not one of the system symbols and where value is a character string or symbolic expression. The name must consist of upper case letters and/or digits and the first character must be a letter. The value must be no longer than the symbol name, including the ampersand. A period is allowed before the equal sign, but it is not required. Up to 99 static symbols may be defined.
The SYSCLONE parameter sets the value of the &SYSCLONE system symbol. The value must be 1 or 2 digits or upper case letters or must be an expression that evaluates to this. If not set, the default value of &SYSCLONE is the last two characters of &SYSNAME.
The SYSNAME parameter sets the value of the &SYSNAME system symbol. It must be set in at least one IEASYMxx.ini file. The value must be from 1 to 8 digits or upper case letters and may not be an expression.
The SYSPARM parameter specifies the suffixes for the IEASYSxx.ini configuration files. The SYSPARM parameter value must be either a single value or a list of values separated by commas. Each value must be two characters and each character must each be either a digit (0-9) or an upper case letter (A-Z). If more than one suffix is specified, each IEASYSxx.ini member will be read and processed.
The Tachyon Operating System always reads the IEASYS00.ini file. If the SYSPARM parameter in LOADxx.ini is also specified, the value in IEASYMxx.ini is appended to the value specified in LOADxx.ini. If the SYSPARM parameter is not set in either LOADxx.ini nor IEASYMxx.ini, the Tachyon Operating System will not read any IEASYSxx.ini files beyond IEASYS00.ini. The SYSPARM parameter values in both LOADxx.ini and IEASYMxx.ini can be overridden by the -sysp command line parameter.

Example IEASYMxx.ini file:

/* Sample IEASYM00.ini file */
       SYSCLONE(MM) /* comment */ SYSPARM(01,02)

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