The LNKLSTxx.ini file contains the names of data sets to be concatenated to SYS1.LINKLIB in the Link Library concatenation. The suffixes for the LNKLSTxx.ini files are specified in the LNK parameter of the IEASYSxx.ini file.

Each line in the LNKLSTxx.ini files must be a comment, a blank line or a list of one or more data set names. The data set names can start in any column. If more than one data set name is specified, each must be separated by a comma. Comment lines are any lines containing an asterisk as the first non-blank character. In addition, if a blank follows a parameter definition any subsequent characters on the line are treated as comments.

Up to 254 unique data set names may be specified in the LNKLSTxx.ini configuration files. Duplicate data set names are ignored. Each data set must be defined in the DSNMAP parameters of the DSNMAPxx.ini configuration files. If LNKAUTH=APFTAB is specified in the IEASYSxx.ini configuration files, only those data sets also in the APF table will be APF authorized. If LNKAUTH=APFTAB is not specified, all of the data sets in the Link Library concatenation will be APF authorized.

Example LNKLSTxx.ini file:

* Sample LNKLST00.ini file

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