System Requirements

The Tachyon Operating System is available for Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and some UNIX and Linux systems. In addition to the operating system requirements, you will need a way to generate object code and load modules.

You can generate object code on your workstation using the Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler, the Tachyon z/Assembler or the SAS/C Cross Platform Compiler. Alternatively, you can download object code generated on the mainframe using any mainframe-based compiler or assembler.

The Tachyon Linkage Editor included in the Tachyon File Tools product must be used to create load modules from object code. Alternatively, with the Tachyon Un-Xmit utility also inluded in Tachyon File Tools, you can extract executable programs from OS/390 load libraries after exporting them with TSO TRANSMIT. You can also use the Tachyon Un-Xmit to create test files from mainframe data sets.

Windows System Requirements

UNIX and Linux System Requirements

Please contact Tachyon Software for information on the availablity of the Tachyon Operating System for your UNIX or Linux system.

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