About the Tachyon Linkage Editor

You can use the Tachyon Linkage Editor to create executable programs for the Tachyon Operating System. You can also use the Tachyon Linkage Editor to create load modules that can be transmitted to OS/390 using Tachyon Re-Xmit. The Tachyon Linkage Editor can combine object files in any of the standard IBM mainframe formats into load module files. The Tachyon Linkage Editor accepts most of the control statements and options that are accepted by the IBM’s z/OS Binder. The listing file written by the Tachyon Linkage Editor is also similar to the one produced by the z/OS Binder.

The Tachyon Linkage Editor is a true linkage editor, allowing you to edit the object files as they are combined through the CHANGE, EXPAND and REPLACE control statements.

The Tachyon Linkage Editor can be run using the command line interface from a command line window. If you have JCL to run the z/OS Binder, you can even run the JCL on your workstation using the Tachyon Operating System. The JCL interface is described in the Tachyon Operating System User’s Guide.

The Tachyon Linkage Editor replaces the Tachyon 390 Emulator’s binder program from prior releases. The Tachyon Linkage Editor can process GOFF object files and supports more options and control statements than the old binder program. The Tachyon Linkage Editor is mostly upward compatible from the old binder program and a replacement for the b390 program is included with the Windows version to aid in transition to the new product.

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