Tachyon Assembler Workbench Editions

The Tachyon Assembler Workbench is available in several different editions. The full power of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench is available in the Professional Edition. The Personal Edition, the Advanced Edition and the Developer’s Edition are subsets of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench features.

Personal Edition

The Personal Edition of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench contains the Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler. The Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler provides most of the capabilities of the full assembler. The Personal Edition is a good choice for anyone who needs all but the most advanced features of the assembler.

Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler

The Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler permits you to assemble System/360, System/370, 370-XA, ESA/370 and ESA/390 assembler language programs on workstation machines. The language supported is highly compatible with IBM’s High Level Assembler. The Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler assembles most programs that can be correctly assembled by the IBM assemblers. Source, macro and listing files can be read or written in ASCII or EBCDIC. The object files produced may be transferred to the mainframe system, linked into a load module, and executed. The Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler can be integrated with popular Integrated Development Environments and editors. The assembler also provides enhanced debugging information for Cole Software’s XDC debugger.

Advanced Edition

The Advanced Edition of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench contains the Tachyon z/Assembler, which can assemble programs for all IBM mainframe operating systems, including z/OS and Linux for S/390 and zSeries.

Tachyon z/Assembler

The Tachyon z/Assembler provides the complete capabilities of the assembler, including its most advanced features: the CICS Translator, ADATA output, GOFF and ELF object code output, and full 64-bit programming support.

CICS Translator

The CICS Translator feature allows you to assemble programs with embedded EXEC CICS statements.

ADATA Output

ADATA output provides an easily processed file that contains more information about the assembly than the listing. The ADATA records produced by the Tachyon z/Assembler are compatible enough with those produced by IBM’s HLASM that they can be read by IBM’s Program Understanding Tool and Cole Software’s z/XDC.

GOFF and 64-bit

GOFF is IBM’s enhanced object code format that supports long external names, large control sections and other advanced features. GOFF object files can also contain ADATA records. The Tachyon z/Assembler also supports the 64-bit z/Architecture programming features of IBM’s HLASM for GOFF and the other object file formats.


ELF is the object file format used by Linux. Unlike IBM’s HLASM, the Tachyon z/Assembler can assemble programs that will run on Linux for S/390 and zSeries.

Developer’s Edition

The Developer’s Edition of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench provides the full power of the Advanced Edition of the Tachyon z/Assembler as well as all of the utilities in the Tachyon File Tools.

Tachyon File Tools

The utilities included in the Tachyon File Tools product are: Tachyon Un-Xmit, Tachyon Re-Xmit, the Tachyon Linkage Editor and the Tachyon Update Utility.

Tachyon Un-Xmit

Tachyon Un-Xmit allows you to extract data sets from TSO/E TRANSMIT files in a variety of useful file formats. Tachyon Un-Xmit makes it easy to copy mainframe data sets and PDS members to your workstation. You can quickly get copies of entire source or macro libraries for use with the Tachyon assemblers or any other workstation-based compiler. You can get copies of load libraries and prepare test data files for use with the Tachyon Operating System. If you need to copy PDS members or if you need to control the file format of downloaded data sets, Tachyon Un-Xmit will help you do it.

Tachyon Re-Xmit

Tachyon Re-Xmit allows you to create TSO/E TRANSMIT files from files on your workstation. These TRANSMIT files can be uploaded to the mainframe and then unloaded using the TSO RECEIVE command. This allows you to upload files to the mainframe which are not normally supported by file transfer tools, such as PDSs and files containing variable-length and undefined format records. When Tachyon Re-Xmit creates a TRANSMIT file from files created by the Tachyon Linkage Editor, it will create a load library image. The Developer’s Edition of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench contains all the tools you need to assemble and link your programs using only your workstation system.

Tachyon Linkage Editor

The Tachyon Linkage Editor is a DFSMS/MVS compatible linker that can be used to link programs compiled by any compiler that generates standard Object Module Format (OMF), Extended Object Module Format (XOBJ), or Generalized Object File Format (GOFF) object files. These object files can be generated by the Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler, Tachyon z/Assembler, the SAS/C Cross Platform Compiler or any mainframe compiler or assembler. The linked programs can then be executed by the Tachyon Operating System, included in the Professional Edition of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench or uploaded to the mainframe using Tachyon Re-Xmit.

Tachyon Update Utility

The Tachyon Update Utility allows you to update 80-column source files using standard IEBUPDTE control statements. You can quickly extract members from IEBUPDTE control files containing ADD statements. You can apply changes to files from existing IEBUPDTE control files or test new update control files that you are developing.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench includes the full power of the Developer’s Edition and adds all of the features of the Tachyon Operating System. The Tachyon Operating System enables you to execute and debug programs and jobs written for IBM’s MVS, OS/390 or z/OS operating systems directly on your workstation. The combined products that make up the Professional Edition of the Tachyon Assembler Workbench allow you to completely build and test assembler programs designed to run on the mainframe.

Tachyon Operating System

The Tachyon Operating System consists of two combined products: the Tachyon Instruction Emulator and the Tachyon Operating System Services.

The Tachyon Instruction Emulator executes programs containing System/360, System/370, System/390 and z/Architecture instructions on your personal computer. The Tachyon Instruction Emulator also contains a powerful integrated interactive symbolic debugger.

The Tachyon 390 Operating System Services enhance the Tachyon Instruction Emulator with services that permit you to run programs and jobs written for IBM’s MVS, OS/390 or z/OS operating systems. It accepts Job Control Language (JCL) files and executes them. For each job step, the Tachyon Operating System Services invoke the Tachyon Instruction Emulator. The Tachyon Operating System Services also provide the operating system services to programs run by the Tachyon Instruction Emulator.

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