Using the CICS Translator Feature.

The Tachyon z/Assembler can process source code containing EXEC CICS commands. The PROCESS(CICS) assembler option will cause any EXEC CICS commands within source code to be translated to the appropriate assembler instructions. When the CICS translator feature is active, the XOPTS assembler option controls the behavior of the translator, including the insertion of the DFHEISTG, DFHEIENT, DFHEIEND and DFHEIRET macro call statements.

There are some minor differences between the CICS Translator Feature and the IBM CICS Translator. Some of these differences are due to the integration of the translator into the Tachyon z/Assembler, rather than the translation process being a separate step. For instance, the CICS Translator Feature translates EXEC CICS statements into the resulting instructions directly rather than first translating the statements into DFHECALL macro call statements. The IBM translator is also somewhat more tolerant of syntax errors in EXEC CICS statements.

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