Using the Assembler with XDC

Cole Software’s z/XDC product can take advantage of the extra information produced by the Tachyon assemblers. If the TEST option is specified, the assembler will emit IBM-compatible SYM records, including all of those produced by IBM’s older assemblers but no longer generated by the more recent ones. XDC uses these records to produce a more complete map of the program. z/XDC can also use ADATA records produced by the assembler.

The assembler also supports two options, providing interfaces specifically for use with XDC. The first interface is specified via the TEST(XDC) option. With this interface active, there is no need to run the XDCSYMED utility prior to linking programs. The second interface is specified via the TEST(LONG) option. This interface allows XDC to display information about symbols with names longer than 8 characters.

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