Building JCL

The Tachyon Operating System’s Job Control Language is a highly compatible subset of z/OS JCL. This release of the Tachyon Operating System supports the JOB, EXEC PGM, DD and comment statements. JCL procedures are not supported, nor are symbolic expressions in JCL parameters. JES2 and JES3 statements are treated as comments.

JCL files are ASCII text files. Each line must be no longer than 80 characters. Columns 73-80 of each line are ignored.

If the first two characters of the first line of a JCL file are #!, that line is ignored by the j390 program. For UNIX-compatible systems, if the JCL file is marked as executable and the path name of the j390 program filles the #! characters on the same line, this allows the JCL itself to be executed. For an example, please see the files in the ivp subdirectory supplied with the UNIX versions of the Tachyon Operating System.

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