Tachyon Operating System

Test S/390 and z/Architecture Programs On Your Workstation!

Integrated Symbolic Emulator/Debugger

The Tachyon Operating System includes the powerful Tachyon Instruction Emulator and its integrated symbolic debugger. Most of the ESA/390 and z/Architecture instruction sets and many of the IBM z/OS, OS/390 and DFSMSdfp services and control blocks are emulated, enabling the Tachyon Operating System to execute application-level programs and even some system-level programs.

The debugger allows you to step through your program, display and alter the registers and storage, set break points and watch points and even see a history of the recently executed instructions. Have you ever wanted to know why your program is doing something unexpected? Until you have tried it, you can’t imagine how easy it is to debug a program using the Tachyon Operating System!

View a sample debugging session.


The Tachyon Operating System runs programs and jobs using mainframe-style JCL and files, including SYSOUT files.

View sample SYSOUT files.

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