Environment Variables

You can set the run time environment for the assembler through the following environment variables. Not all of them are needed in every environment.


(Windows only) The DOS command line processor supplied with Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME is severely limited and is unable to handle redirection of stderr. In order to have messages that are normally written to stderr instead written to a file, you can set the X390ERR environment variable to the name of the file which is to contain these messages. X390ERR is not needed on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, UNIX and Linux since the command line processors of these operating systems can handle redirection of stderr.


To customize the default option settings by group, project, user, or any other reason, option files may be created. The X390INI environment variable contains a list of these option files. The options in each file in this list are applied in the order specified. Each file name in the list may be prefixed with an at sign (@) to indicate that if the file cannot be accessed, the assembler should not be terminated. The character used to separate the file names is the semi-colon (;) for Windows and the colon (:) for UNIX. The content of these option files and suggestions for their use is described in chapter 3. If X390INI is not set, the default is @&Xtxa.ini, where &X is an Option variable which will be replaced with the name of the directory containing the assembler product.
Note: You can also specify additional option files through the INCLUDE assembler option, either on the command line or in option files.


This environment variable specifies the second part of the list of paths to be searched for macro definition and copy member files. See the section entitled The Library Search Path for an explanation, the format, and an example.


(Windows only) This variable defines the directory in which the temporary work files are created. It should already be set for most workstations for use in other applications.

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