Load the product files

To install the Windows version of the assembler product, run the provided self-extracting installation program. The product is normally installed into the C:\Tachyon directory, however you may choose a different directory at installation time.

To install the UNIX or Linux version of the assembler product, extract the files from the supplied tar file (which may need to be decompressed).

The softcopy version of this manual is provided in HTML format and is viewable via your web browser.

Verify the installation

After the installation is complete, you may verify that the assembler is working by running the supplied txaivp script. This will assemble the supplied txaivp.390 program using the txaivp.mac copy member. It should produce a listing file txaivp.lst and an object file txaivp.obj. If you wish, the object file can be uploaded to a mainframe file with fixed length 80 byte records and link-edited. If executed on an MVS or VM system or the Tachyon Operating System, it will display “Hello World” on the console.

Complete the set-up

After the installation has been verified, you may also need to set some environment variables in CONFIG.SYS, the registry, or your .profile or .login file, depending on your operating system. The environment variables used by the assembler are described below. Also, refer to the TXA_ReadMe.txt or x390.readme file for more information.

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