Configuration Files

The Tachyon Operating System installation process creates a number of configuration files in the product directories. This section describes the contents of those files. The configuration files are similar to the SYS1.PARMLIB members used by IBM’s OS/390 operating system. The maximum line length in all configuration files is 80 characters. Columns 72-80 of each line is ignored. Many of the parameters in the configuration files can be overridden on the command line of the JCL execution program.

The Tachyon Operating System reads the configuration files in the following order:

  1. J390.ini
  2. LOADxx.ini
    The value of xx is set by the LOAD parameter in J390.ini or by the -load command line parameter.
  3. IEASYMxx.ini
    The values of xx are set by the IEASYM parameter in LOADxx.ini.
  4. IEASYS00.ini
  5. IEASYSxx.ini
    The values of xx are set by the SYSPARM parameters in LOADxx.ini and IEASYMxx.ini or by the -sysp command line parameter.
  6. BPXPRMxx.ini
  7. COMMNDxx.ini
  8. DSNMAPxx.ini
  9. PROGxx.ini
  10. LNKLSTxx.ini
  11. LPALSTxx.ini
  12. IEASVCxx.ini
    The values of xx are set by the OMVS, CMD, DSNMAP, PROG, LNK, LPA and SVC parameters in IEASYSxx.ini or the -parms command line parameter.

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